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John McSherry



Recording info

  1. An Bhean Chaointe (Air)
  2. Down The Back Lane, Atlantic Drive (Jigs)
  3. The Gulf of Mexico, Hop Jig, The Stone of Destiny (Reel, Hop jig, Reel)
  4. Badai Na Scadann (Air)
  5. The Wave Sweeper (Waltz)
  6. The Rambles of Kitty, Miss Ramsays, Mary Bergins (Jig, Reels)
  7. The Road to Dornava, The Maid of Murlough (Slow Reels)
  8. Aisling Gheal (Air)
  9. In Full Swing, The Slide from Grace, Nora Criona, TheSlip into Maddens (Polka, Slip Slides)
  10. McSherry's Waltz, Over The Camel's Hump,
    Aille's Antics (Waltz, Reels)

Recorded at Donal's studio, Belfast,
Co. Antrim
Engineered by Donal O'Connor
Released 2010

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