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Ray Gallen 'Man of the house'



Recording info

  1. Man of the house/Galway rambler/The new-mown meadow
  2. Lark on the strand/Jig of slurs
  3. Home ruler/Kitty's wedding
  4. Dublin reel/Reconciliation
  5. The rocky road to dublin
  6. Donncha Lynch's/Una Brady's
  7. The Monaghan twist/Johnny gone to France
  8. Tom Busby's/Atholl highlanders
  9. Maids of mount cisco/Christmas eve
  10. Coleman's jig/Hammy's
  11. The Virginia/The 3 R's
  12. Eddie Duffy's
  13. Ruairi Wallace's/The star above the garter
  14. Miss Galvin's/Cooley's
  15. The hungry eye/The rolling wave
  16. Pinch of snuff/Gravel walks
  17. Mist on the meadow/The killavil/Maid on the green
  18. Craig's pipes/Bush in bloom

Recorded at Outlet Studios, Belfast
Engineered by Rod McVey
Label: Outlet
Released 1998
Catalogue no. PTI CD1091





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