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Padraig Rynne 'Bye a while'



Recording info

  1. Barbara Needham's/Christy Barry's/Bye a while
  2. Mulheres/Pinch of snuff/Molloy's
  3. Fusco/The plevin jig
  4. The old bush/The swallows tail
  5. The new century/Phillis's birthday
  6. Fisherstreet/The wingflapper/The ceilier
  7. Not safe with a razor/The palm tree/Jimmy's return
  8. Paddy Fahy's/The dreaming sea
  9. Dans loudieg
  10. Brid Harper's/Paddy Whacks
  11. Bm reel/JBs reel/Lad O'Beirnes

Recorded at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Co. Antrim
Engineered by Shaun 'Mudd' Wallace
Label: None
Released 2005
Catalogue no.

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