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O'Aces 'On oiche go maidin'



Recording info

  1. Banks of the Ilen/The ramblers return
  2. The green fields of Rossbeigh/Trip to Durrow
  3. Come west along the road/Man of the house/Congress reel
  4. Maggie in the wood
  5. The Ballykeel/Sporting pitchfork/Wellington's advance/The frost is all over
  6. The champion/Chief O'Neill's/The cuckoo
  7. Gan ainm/The clog/Mrs Crowley's
  8. The quarry cross/Denis O'Keeffe's/Ta mo mhadadh/Padraig O'Keeffe's/The barna/gan ainm
  9. The killavil/The legacy/Rose in the heather
  10. Jer O'Connell's/Riding on a load of hay/Peata beag do mhathair
  11. Blackberry blossom/Ravelled hank of yarn/Dark-haired lass
  12. Gan ainm/The flop-eared mule
  13. Dan O'Connell's/Julia Clifford's
  14. Tommy People's/The flowing bowl
  15. Eddie duffy's/Miss Galvin's

Recorded at Outlet Studios, Belfast, March 1997
Engineered by Rod McVey
Label: Outlet
Released 1998
Catalogue no. PTI CD1092

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