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John Kennedy 'Together in time'



Recording info

  1. Alice Fitzgerald/J. Walsh's chairs/A hug in the snug
  2. Freeway's march/The new carpark
  3. Sweet bonny Dunloy
  4. The remembrance hornpipe/Billy McKee's hornpipe
  5. John Kennedy's favourite/The Garvagh seminar
  6. Farewell to brandy/Tully's weir/Honeyballs
  7. Snow in April/Craigs crossroads
  8. The snowman's brigade
  9. Darach's steps/The linen webs/Over the top
  10. A trip to Dungarvan/The seven towers jig
  11. New years eve/The pig's march to the trough
  12. The ring of gullion/The goats tether
  13. The shining Bann
  14. The three fir trees/Rep of Ireland v Italy
  15. Just call me honey/The monkey puzzle/The blind date jig
  16. Banks of the Maine
  17. Caitlin's song/Loughshore hornpipe/The blocked pipe

Recorded at New Road Studios, Dunloy
Engineered by Brian Boyle
Label: Loughshore
Released 2001
Catalogue no. LS 001

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