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Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry 'At first light'



Recording info

  1. Farewell to Connaught/Liz Carroll's/Brendan's reel/Limestone rock
  2. Palm sunday/Willie Clancy's/Rolling waves
  3. Doinna
  4. Donald blue/Ornette's trip to Belfast
  5. John Nee's reel/Lucy Campbell's
  6. Lady Lane/Farewell to Whalley range/Michael Russel's
  7. Trip to Ireland/Jutland
  8. Jimmy Batty's/The bloom of youth
  9. Lacey's jig/Michael O'Dwyer's
  10. The braes of Busby/Phyllis' birthday/The Graf Spee
  11. Road to Taynuilt

Recorded at Secret Music Studios, Glasgow
Engineered by Kim Planert/Donald Shaw
Label: Vertical
Released 2006
Catalogue no. VERT CD076

Additional Recording
Cutting rooms, Manchester, engineered by Dougie Briggs
Manus Lunny's Studio, Donegal, engineered by Manus

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