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Guidewires "Live"



Recording info

  1. Hoodwinked/Slip Jig for Janet/The Recession jig
  2. Homer's reel/Lunchtime Boredom
  3. Fred Finn's/Tavanagh/Everybody Fancies Helen Mirren
  4. The Glad Eye/Fairfield Mirage
  5. Ton Bale/Gavotte/Polig's Gavotte/Ton Doubl Gavotte
  6. Marbh Ban
  7. Vicki's World/Dance of Suleyman
  8. Monday Morning Reels/Torrid Romance/Cariau LLaniscu
  9. The Whole Chicken in the Soup/Liosbeg/Humours of Parov
  10. Marga's Moment/Crooked Still Reel/Quebec Reel/1st of May
  11. Prince's Feather/Step Ahead Polka
  12. Dinny O'Brien's/McDonagh's Reel/Bill Harte's

Recorded Live in Glor (Ennis Co. Clare) on 9th & 10th February 2009
Engineered by Marco Migliari
Mixed and mastered at "the green room" at Realworld Studios, UK, in April 2009 by Marco Migliari assisted by Karol Lynch and Sylvain Barou.

Released Sept 2009




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