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Grianan 'Maid of Eirin'



Recording info

  1. Beechgrove/Silver spear/Hand me down the tackle
  2. Hunter's road/Pipe on the hob
  3. Grianan/Michelle O'Sullivan's
  4. Jug of punch/John Stewarts/Humours of Westport
  5. Thios cois na tra
  6. Marco's/Matt Molloy's/Pauline's place
  7. Trounsdells cross/Home to Ballycashen/Sonny's delight
  8. Strathspey
  9. St Kevin and the seven churches
  10. Cruchadh glais na hEireann
  11. Gulf of Mexico/Jim Donahues reel
  12. Sullivan's quay/Maid of Eireann/Lochlainns

Recorded at Beau Street Studios, Waterford, 1990
Engineered by Martin Murray
Label: West Winds
Released 1993
Catalogue no. WW CD004

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