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Gerry O'Connor 'Journeyman'



Recording info

  1. Jig in A/Dancing eyes/Up and about in the morning
  2. The chicken's gone to Scotland/Kitty the hare/Jim Erwin's/The drunken maids of Ardnaree
  3. Ur-chnoc chein mhic cainte
  4. The yellow wattle/Pat McKenna's/Christy Barry's
  5. The maid behind the bar/Paddy Ryan's dream/ Music in the glen
  6. Bidh Eoin/Casey's pig/Rose Mooney's
  7. Bonny Anne/Travers'/Sporting Nell
  8. The day the ass ran away/Lancer's/Tickle her leg with the barley straw
  9. The star of Munster/The boys of the lough
  10. Bessie the beauty of Rosssinure hill
  11. Hanley's/ McGann's
  12. The left-handed reel/The lass of Ballintra/ The rakes of Invercairn

Recorded at Homestead Studios, Randalstown,
Co. Antrim
Engineered by Shaun 'Mudd' Wallace
Label: Lughnasa Music
Released 2004
Catalogue no. LUG CD962

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