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Cormac Breatnach 'Musical Journey'



Recording info

  1. Sporting Paddy/Adele
  2. Tommy Whelan's/Oiche Nollag
  3. Na Ceannabhain bhana/ A Perpignan/Fasten the legging in her/The legacy
  4. Port na bpucai
  5. The humours of Tullycreen/The princess Royal
  6. Mujeres (women)
  7. The britches full of stitches/The toda klop/The step ahead polka
  8. La Molinera
  9. The tailor small's jig/The battering ram
  10. Maidin Luan chincise/Sadhbh/Song for Sadhbh
  11. The belles of Tipperary/Connie Connell's/Cooley's/Jenny tie the bonnett

Recorded at The Mill Recording Studios, Swords, Co. Dublin
Engineered by Pearse Dunne
Label: Peer Music (Irl) Ltd
Released 1999
Catalogue no. CD001

Track 4 Recorded in Steve Cooney's studio. Dingle, Co.Kerry and mixed in Starc studios, Dublin
Tracks 5 & 7 Recorded in Starc studios

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