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Brian Finnegan 'When the partys over'



Recording info

  1. Hammy Hamilton's/Kitty got a clinking coming to the fair/old as the hills
  2. Father Roche/Liam Murphy's delight
  3. Take a message to Julie/Egan's/The extremity
  4. The last chance
  5. The Sligo reel
  6. Purfy/You may be certain of it
  7. The laurel tree/In the promised land/When the party's over
  8. Skating while the ice melts/Madame Vanoni
  9. Sweet rain/Son ar rost
  10. The parting
  11. The highland fiddle/Hogties
  12. Sergeant Murphy/Hanley's tweed/Boys of Balisadeer
  13. The Donegal lass

Recorded at Redesdale Studios, Northumberland
Engineered by Mickey Sweeney
Label: Acoustic Radio
Released 1993
Catalogue no. ARAD CD101

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